I have chronic sinus headaches and neck pain. The neck pain is also a result of many hours spent straining at the microscope. I began getting massage therapy after my second neck injury. For preventative maintenance I now receive therapy sessions twice a month. I view massage therapy as an integral part of a healthy life. Massage therapy is a natural, drug free way to alleviate sinus headaches and neck pain.

Edessa is a highly skilled therapist. She is also very in tuned to her clients and provides tranquil environments for one's session.

˜ Ms. Ng, Licensed Clinical Cytogenetic Scientist
Daly City, CA

... one massage with Edessa did more for me than my previous four massages combined.   More

˜Erika J., Licensed Acupuncturist
Pacifica, CA

... with Edessa I finally saw a light at the end of the tunnel. She truly is healing my body ...   More

San Ramon, CA

Edessa has seen me a number of times for general stress relief and relaxation and I have always left feeling refreshed and renewed. ...   More

˜ Adam Z., Information Systems Adminstrator
San Francisco, CA

... This lady has a delightfully subtle and strong touch ... Prepare to smile again!   More

˜ John S., Travel Agent
San Francisco, CA

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