Swedish Massage (A.K.A. Spa Massage)
A traditional oil-based massage using long connective strokes and kneading to promote muscle relaxation and detoxification.

Deep-Tissue Massage / Sports Massage
A deeper, focused massage, ideal for those who enjoy thorough muscle work and want attention to specific areas. Assisted stretching, deep-tissue massage, trigger-point therapy—everything the serious or recreational athlete needs to prepare and soothe stressed muscle groups.


Aromatherapy Massage
A very light massage with essential oils which induces relaxation and pure calm.

CranioSacral Balancing
A gentle and profound core balancing technique which enhances breath and spinal movement. CSB is a gentle method of detection and correction of imbalances and restrictions in the body. Also, it enhances overall body functioning and helps to alleviate pain and discomfort.

Feet Rehabilitation
An educational and self-empowering massage therapy that restores foot, ankle, knee, and hip integrity. Learn as well how to perform these techniques upon yourself on an ongoing basis.

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy
A specific technique that moves lymphatic fluids. Lymphatic drainage effectively detoxifies the body, revitalizes energy, and boosts the immune system.

This centuries-old treatment stimulate nerve, blood and energy flow in the feet , hands and ears, all relating to organs and glands. Reflexology has been known to relieve the symptoms of  "disease" in its early stages.

Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy
A groundbreaking full-body healing massage that works deeply into joints, muscles, and bones to remove blockages, restore circulation, and open the energy flow for flexibility and rejuvenation.

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