I just wanted to share that I got a wonderfully therapeutic massage from Edessa, The massage therapist. Having seen many a massage therapist, I can say Edessa has a natural gift and many healing techniques. Edessa has more than a natural gift, I felt she actually healed my body. Dedicated study alone could not provide the results Edessa achieves with her massage and combined techniques. Call it intuition, innate ability, or body knowledge, one massage with Edessa did more for me than my previous four massages combined.

˜Erika J., Licensed Acupuncturist
Pacifica, CA

I had an accident seven years ago and have been struggling with back, shoulder and neck pain for years. I have tried acupuncturists, physical therapists and different masseuses for years now. After every treatment I was good for two weeks but then the pain would come back and sometimes even more painful. In my first healing session with Edessa I finally saw a light at the end of the tunnel. She truly is healing my body and I have been feeling my body and soul come back to norm. She not only heals my physical pain but her therapy gives my body and soul the extra energy that I did not have before. Thank you Edessa for healing me mentally and physically. Your number one fan, Nousha!

San Ramon, CA

I have chronic sinus headaches and neck pain. The neck pain is also a result of many hours spent straining at the microscope. I began getting massage therapy after my second neck injury. For preventative maintenance I now receive therapy sessions twice a month. I view massage therapy as an integral part of a healthy life. Massage therapy is a natural, drug free way to alleviate sinus headaches and neck pain.

Edessa is a highly skilled therapist. She is also very in tuned to her clients and provides tranquil environments for one's session.

˜ Ms. Ng, Licensed Clinical Cytogenetic Scientist
Daly City, CA

Edessa has seen me a number of times for general stress relief and relaxation and I have always left feeling refreshed and renewed. She sets an environment that is comfortable and welcoming. Edessa's personal style is warm and accommodating and makes me feel that she is genuinely interested in my over-all well-being and not just soothing aching muscles and joints (but, of course, if aching muscles and joints is all I need worked on, she doesn't push me to add other techniques or prolong the sessions). She also gives me advice that I can use between sessions to manage my stress and exercises that I can do on my own.

Aside from the standard body massage, she has performed reflexology (foot massage), vibrational, and cranial sacral on me. I have to admit that I thought the foot massage would be just that, a foot massages so; I was surprised how fantastic I felt over my entire body when that first session was over. I have had about eight reflexology sessions to date and feel great after each one.

I have never heard of vibrational nor cranial sacral methods before being introduced to them by Edessa, but with her openness about explaining the techniques and the benefits of them as well as my very positive past experiences with her, I was fully willing to give them a try. I won't go into the details of these methods—you can ask her about them yourself when you meet her—but they both have their own unique benefits and I am glad that Edessa introduced me to them (yes, I have had subsequent sessions of both of these when I feel that I need them).

The bottom line is that I have true trust in Edessa's hands and the skills she possesses in using them.

˜ Adam Z., Information Systems Adminstrator
San Francisco, CA


This lady has a delightfully subtle and strong touch that elicits some pretty amazing internal responses for me.

Her expert techniques, voice that reminds one of a musical brook with perfect pitch (used sparingly to gently encourage the client to cooperate on the table), and the physically and aurally serene setting (soft lighting, subliminal music, etc.) ensure a delightful drift in to a state of extreme relaxation and sybaritic bliss, complete with dreamlike hallucinations of color and contrast.

This is no cruise ship, Club Med, Gold's Gym type "hustle and bustle you out"—operation. What you will encounter with Edessa is a welcoming sense of coming home and renewal. She is a real modern-earth-mother type that allows a distinct sense of sympathy and nurturing in to your massage.

I give her a gold star to put on her forehead, five diamonds for her tiara, and five stars for her absolutely unsurpassed abilities!

Prepare to smile again!

˜ John S., Travel Agent
San Francisco, CA

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